studio ympact

studio YMpact

biophilic lighting design

Our mission is to convey the experience of natural light to the built environment.

Studio YMpact uses the intuitive language of light to evoke a feeling of personal connection with nature, space and time. Dynamics, layering and shading are our main design tools. The feeling that radiates in a lit environment our focus. 

Most of the time natural light goes by unnoticed. In Dutch we have a saying: ‘the sun rises for free’. But the most ingenious, inscrutable and crucial element of nature deserves a lot more attention. At studio YMpact we spend time studying the phenomenon of natural light with all its facets, to get to the core of the eloquence of natural light and implement it in our lighting designs.

Our aim is to strengthen the connection between people and nature and to create harmonic, inspiring and healthy lit spaces. Biophilic lit places that contribute to the well being of people and planet.