about yvon muller

Yvon Muller - studio YMpact

My passion for the experience of light started in the Theatre as a young dancer. It has grown to become a fascination for how people experience and give meaning to the world around them in my work as a scenographer for Theatre, Music, Dance and Site-Specific projects. Over the years I specialised myself in lighting design, with a focus on dynamic lighting and organic lighting control (by using patterns and movements from nature as input). A decade in the Middle East has made me an expert lighting designer in the field of Architecture, Landscape and Themed Entertainment. Very different worlds compared to Theatre, yet similar in the way that light can be approached as an experience.

Back to my roots in the Netherlands I have co-founded the design label B-lumen. Organically shaped and sustainably designed lighting features with natures DNA embedded. With B-lumen I can express my fascination for nature and her organic design language. Good quality lighting that contributes to the health and well-being of people and planet is key for B-lumen. Check b-lumen.com for more information.

The Covid-19 pandemic made many of us realise that we need nature in order to stay healthy and that establishing contact with nature can be beneficial in healing from depression or getting rid of negative emotions or tensions. Discovering that there is a design approach that focuses on establishing this connection between humans and nature; Biophilic Design, I decided to extend my activities and start a new initiative: studio YMpact.

Studio YMpact is a biophilic lighting design studio with the mission to convey the experience of natural light into the built environment. By creating harmonic, inspiring and healthy lit spaces that strengthen the connection between people and nature, we hope to  have a true impact and to contribute to long-term, positive and systematic change.