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biophilic design has always been there

I have only discovered Biophilic Design recently. Full of enthusiasm I have started reading books, papers, posts, blogs and every design topic that I can find regarding Biophilic Design. Luckily, there is already a lot out there, so my studies will take a while. Already after a couple of weeks, I notice that I constantly reflect on my own design career and the projects I have done. This has provided me a beautiful discovery:

Biophilic Design has always been there in my work.

Looking at the above collage of pictures from projects that I have done, I see the presence of nature everywhere. With a lot of projects I have focused on the relationship of humans with nature. I have been aware that I’ve always looked to nature as a source of inspiration, however it is only now that I realise just how prominent nature and our connection with it have been present in my final designs.

The other day, I re-read something that I wrote two years ago, when I was about to start with B-lumen:

“I have always been passionate about light, but it was only when I moved to the desert, that I discovered my passion for nature. Sunrise over the desert is the most magical experience. The tremendous ocean of sand captured in golden light, the absence of greenery wherever you look, and yet the closest to nature I ever felt. Perhaps one must experience the absence before being able to feel the presence. In my garden in Dubai I started noticing all the intriguing details of tropical flowers. Their colours and curves, their exceptional beauty and variety, the authentic shape of every single vein, every fraying edge, every tiny dew drop. It made me wonder… I have always been interested in the development of digital design techniques: 3D scanning, 3D printing, computerised technologies. But so far, they never really triggered me, as the end products seemed too rigid to me. I could see they were man-made and could sense the logic behind the designs. Could I do something different? Could I bring mystery into computerised design? Would it be possible to make organically shaped objects with a 3D printer? With our B-Lumen lighting features I think we have proven that it is possible. The mystery is there. The natural grace. Our designs are close to my heart. I love the baroque, the joy and the liveliness they radiate. When I see a B-Lumen design, I see the sun rising over the desert and I smile.”

Reading this now, with what I have discovered so far about Biophilic Design, I see so many aspects of Biophilic Design already present in my thoughts back then. It is about the experience of nature, the unexpected (the risk) and the mystery, all elements that are part of Biophilic Design. A beautiful discovery!

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