biophilic lighting

Biophilia means ‘love for life’ and biophilic design starts with our inherent affinity for the natural world. For much of human history, people‚Äôs everyday lives were closely aligned with nature and this relationship is stored in our genes.

The main goal of biophilic design is to reconnect humans with their natural roots, thus contributing to our health, happiness and well-being. Light has a major part to play in this matter. The language of light is very intuitive and honest. The way light can evoke a feeling of personal connection is unrivaled.

With our biophilic lighting schemes we focus on the experience of time, the passing of  seasons, the rhythm of day and night and the changes in the weather. Key is optimum use of daylight, views on sky and nature and an organic symbioses between natural and artificial lighting.

Daylight sensors, circadian luminaires, natural gradients, dynamic programming, there are no technical limits nowadays. But the underlying biophilic vision of studio YMpact makes the difference!